You: Bloated, Acid Reflux, Cramping and Generally Struggling with the dreaded 'Tummy Troubles'.

Me: Lifelong Food Nerd Who Healed Her Own Belly Issues with food.

AKA Lady with Answers.

It's normal to feel defeated and overwhelmed when you are navigating pain and discomfort... and honestly, in this modern world, so much of what we have been taught ~ even things doctors have told us---doesn't always work! This site is all about opening your eyes to healing with food and holding your hand to make the journey to healing as easy as possible for you.

Yes, it's lucky you found me. Keep reading...

It sucks when your belly doesn't feel good.


The biggest problem is, your doctor may not even have answers for you.

You're smart, savvy, and even health-conscious. You want to be healthy, vibrant and full of energy (because how are you gonna take over the world and look after the people you care about if you're not). You feel like you do all the right things- eat right, exercise and keep up on all the latest health trends.

But somehow, it's just not happening. You're tired. Your hormones are wacky. You're suddenly sensitive to foods that never gave you trouble before, and don't even get you started about your "tummy troubles"! Maybe your joints have started to ache and you fear that the BIG D--Diagnosis--is on it's way (if it hasn't already happened).


Health leads to happiness. You have opportunities to take advantage of, plans to put into action, dreams to pursue ...


...and, yes, obligations to fulfill (that laundry/meeting/rehearsal/plan for world domination isn’t going to do itself, kitten).

None of that can happen (or happen in an easy, joyful way) if you are dragged down by sickness and sapped of energy. You are in the right place if you are ready for a comprehensive plan to tackle your health challenges in a holistic way using food, simple lifestyle choices and, when needed, supplementation to help.

You already know you need to get clear on what the best things to eat are (especially for you and your unique system) and make a few simple changes that could make a big difference, but it's overwhelming to think about doing it on your own. You are ready for someone to take you by the hand and finally show you something that will work. For realz.

So you can start feeling better. Like, now.


I’ve kind of always been a Food Nerd.


I practice other forms of nerd-dom as well (do NOT get me started about Star Trek or Firefly!) but food, health and nutrition have always been close to my heart. I came of age in the 80’s, but instead of pizza and Chef Boyardee I had a weird mom who cooked dinners from scratch and forbade sugar cereals and candy. Those good habits from childhood were the seeds of this work. Thanks, Mom!

As an adult, this healthy start bloomed into a minor-obsession with health and wellness. It's a good thing too because I wound up with some 'tummy troubles' of my own. After healing myself through food, and randomly educating anyone who would listen, I knew that my passion was helping people get well naturally.

That's how I find myself here, wanting to get to know and support you with the knowledge I have gained from my own experience as well as years of study, including a formal training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I co-wrote the Healthy Gut Cookbook that was published this year by Dorling Kindersley that is not only packed with the most amazing recipes, but it also guides you through the very healing protocol I used to heal're welcome. ;)


It can be overwhelming with all of the information out there. Here is how I can help.



  • A full nutritional history and evaluation. Get an overview of your health and a clear idea of what are the most important changes to start with.
  • Focus on whole foods. From your evaluation, we will give you clarity of the foods that will be the most healing, and which ones to stay away from.
  • Simple meals. Sometimes changes can be tricky. Lots of hand-holding here to make sure you can be successful with the new things your body needs.
  • Cheerleading + Sanity Coaching. You can do this! My programs all include venting, boosting and TLC. No extra charge.
  • Supplement Plan. In a perfect world, food would be all we would need to heal, but sometimes we need a little help. Nutritional and herbal supplements especially for your needs will be recommended.

Let's set up a call to get you started! Shoot us an email at

Wanna learn more? Check out the blog or read about the Healthy Gut Cookbook!

I look forward to making this process easy for you!